Lacey Blair — Brand Manager / Sr. Graphic Designer based in Austin, TX

FEATURED PROJECT: 2014—2016 Goodwill Field Guide

Printed Report

2014–2015 Annual Report for Goodwill Denver using a Field Guide theme. This handbook was meant to be used as a reference tool for all internal employees, or anyone interested in how Goodwill’s mission supports the community’s program operations.

The interactive report can also be viewed here:

RoleBrand Manager / Graphic Designer ForGoodwill Denver
DateNovember 2015

2014–2015 Annual Report with Field Guide theme. Check out full interactive report here:

Inside cover – letter from CEO

Table of contents styled as a trail map

Example of each section intro

Example of contents inside report

Infographic half-sheet flyer used to summarize the key points of program impact in Denver’s community