Lacey Blair — Brand Manager / Sr. Graphic Designer based in Austin, TX

Packaging Design

Various packaging pieces for Thule, Case Logic, Sports Authority, ALLEN, and Boulder Brands.

ForTHULE, Case Logic, Earth Balance, Sports Authority, Smart Balance, Earth Balance, and ALLEN

Folded Accordion Magnetic Hangtag – same as previous, showing hangtag opened

Folded Accordion Magnetic Hangtag – with aluminum brand accents, ball & chain attachment to manufactured product. I worked on photo direction with external photographer, packaging design layout, and packaging sourcing materials with our overseas vendors.

This is a new tag developed by Thule after I left the company. I assisted with mechanical layout and some illustration for icons. They eventually moved away from photography when necessary to get these products to market faster.

This is unique product that is positioned between the driver’s seat and console. Product is meant to carry accessories and extra miscellaneous belongings. Rather than packaging this product in a typical box with “dead air”, I made the box to fit the product’s actual wedge shape. Boxed product was then interleaved into a master carton shipped from China, which saved money and space.

Another view of the NOX packaging

Created packaging for laptop cases that showcases the unique asymmetrical pocket

Same as previous, but with pocket open – diecut shows features inside the pocket

After months of the CL Mktg team striving to find a way to make this product hangable—without puncturing the neoprene material—I designed a fairly simple, yet unique way to hang product on peg. Packaging was designed not only to serve the merchandising purpose, but allowed for large photography and messaging.

Plastic packaging specifically designed to showcase 360º viewing for mp3 products. Created dielines for multiple sizes with ZERO glue areas and recyclable plastic & paper materials.

Packaging re-branding concept for Earth Balance. Goal was to create a more vibrant, eye-catching design on shelves.

Holiday design for a “limited time only” bag of Earth Balance POPPS

Arrow Wraps for archery arrows—helps to designate your arrow when shooting at a target at an archery range. Product wrap design was created by me as well as packaging and branding applied to new structure,

Arrows for archery bows with branding concept for refreshed look of product

A new yoga brand developed in 2014. This was my concept for the brand, which was not chosen to move forward, but was one of the top choices within the executive team.

This is one of the hangtags for SA’s private branded bike apparel brands. I did not come up with the design, but updated details and new illustrations on various tags.

A the time I worked on this pkg, Easton was packaged in all black boxes, which blended too much into walls in the retail space. I was tasked with updating their brand appearance, and this was my proposed packaging design. It was being reviewed by Easton when I left SA.

Made minor design edits to new packaging that launched in 2014

Created new packaging for spray butter which included: packaging branding, dieline size, sizing & hierarchy of branded elements & consumer messaging, photo retouching, and course labeling according to legal requirements.

I did not work on this packaging, only created the renderings for these items.

One of the 4 flavors of shakes – Strawberry Creme. I helped update with new info (nutrition info, photo updates, marketing statements, etc). Also updated packaging renderings.